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Our History

Socomac is a company located in Grezzana, in the nearby of Verona and it produces processing systems for marble and granite since 1970. Founded by  Pasquale Veronesi who came from a mechanical experience given by the construction of a self established tractor patented by himself. For this patent, he received different prizes both national than international ones.

With the establishment of OMV (Officina Meccaniche Veronesi) he started the construction of automatic polishing machine with belt for tiles. Even these machineries were patented for the feature of having the double movement of the lateral and transversal bridge that ensured a polishing processing without flaws. This double movement was and is still used by the biggest companies of polishing machines for slabs.

During the first years the production included quite exclusively polishing machine with belt, but in 1973 Pasquale Veronesi designed the first application of sucker pads to pick up marble and granite. In the beginning these were sucker panels fixed to a crane for picking up marble slabs. Afte awhile and with the entry of his sons in the company, this technology was applied to manufacture automatic unloader systems for cut strips from block cutter machines.

To this kind of production also the manufacturing of loading and unloading systems for processing lines developed in short time. With these products SOCOMA followed OMV and conquered a lot of markets in Italy and abroad: Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, US, Canada and all European countries. Considering that only in Valpantena (an area in the nearby of Verona) SOCOMAC installed more that 50 of these machineries and in Italy this kind of equipmentes were installed in the major core productive places (Brescia, Domodossola, Carrara, Cassino, Trani, Sicilia etc.), it is possible to affirm that the production of loading and unloading systems with suckers achieves more than 1.000 machineries. The further machine produced by SOCOMA was the splitting machine with horizontal discs as option to the splitting machines with vertical discs.  The most important feature of this machinery is the possibility to work with discs having diameter half of the vertical splitting machines, by being the horizontal discs opposed and then even the cutting thickness is considerably reduces with a gain of material and a reduction of electric energy consumed.

These machineries were equipped with accessories (loading system at the beginning or separating systems of the cut and overloaded strips) to put them in line with polishing machines and other processing machineries.

In 1990 SOCOMA became SOCOMAC that carries on the production of splitting machines, cutting lines, resin lines and special equipments in the agglomerate sector and quartz slabs production apart from customized systems studied for the loading, unloading, movement of the slabs or pieces in marble, granite and agglomerate with suckers or clamps.

Since 2000 SOCOMAC, in order to face the crisis that involved the market of marble or granite tiles (substituted by ceramic), started the production of cutting systems with diamond wire that are had a great development further the increasing request of granite slabs for home furnishing.

The first multiwire systems produced were the 3 wires model and 70 wires, than SOCOMAC started to manufacture special machineries with diamond wire for big thicknesses suitable for the needs of funeral market. Morevoer among the products it is possible to find machineries with diamond wire that cut contouring pieces directly from AUTOCAD drawings and in these years SOCOMAC production is addressed to these new tipes of machineries apart from the machineries and special lines for peculiar processing or movimentation of slabs and processed pieces in stone.

Nowadays Fabio and Ottavio Veronesi thanks to the experience of their father Pasquale Veronesi put among the main goal of SOCOMAC the full satisfaction of the customer from the supply of the best machinery for his needs to the complete after sales assistance.

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